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Product Information

  • For the first time there is a simple, cost-effective process to electronically capture and record information, proof and evidence; whether it's visual, verbal or written, in changing environments and in real time; then later, verify, re-examine, assess and authenticate.
  • This is a dynamic process utilising a unique software package titled e-MASTER© the acronym for Electronic Management and Assessment System for Training and Evaluation in Real-time, is now being offered to the educational, commercial and industrial world by Profile - The Business Solutions Company. Profile - The Business Solutions Company headquartered on Merseyside, operates throughout the UK and the EU, having been acknowledged by Government Office as being worthy of delivering e-MASTER© to replace paper-based processes, often mandatorily required by many organisations involved in education, training and accreditation.
  • e-MASTER©, a £¼m software program, commissioned from one of the UK's leading software houses, Connect Internet Solutions Limited; suppliers to Government, to regulators, to metropolitan borough councils and to over 1500 other organisations, is the outcome of over four years intensive consultations with academia, legislative and regulatory organisations.
  • e-MASTER© can improve any organisation's or individual's performance, no matter where the requirement lies - in training, regulatory affairs, safety assessments, security, audit, policing, project management, assembly processes - the options are endless.
  • Ideally e-MASTER© is operated using a tablet PC. The tablet PC, the size and weight of an A4 notebook, will allow an event, or portfolio, to be captured and recorded onto a CD-ROM in hand-written text, typewritten text, scanned material, audio, video, snapshot or e-mail format. The evidence, or work collected in real time, can then be accessed, collated, assessed, fingerprinted, downloaded, or printed out. The tablet PCs can be specked to operate in hostile environments and even permit GPS technology, so recording the actual location of the event being monitored without any loss of content or definition.
  • e-MASTER© must not be confused with any other similar process. e-MASTER© does not rely on data transmission or the Internet, hence confidentiality and security is maintained, simplicity is ensured and costs are minimalised.
  • Cost savings can be enormous, in the educational training environment, where over 1m NVQs (National Vocational Qualifications) are delivered each year by the Learning Skills Council, the cost to the employer or host organisation may range between £250 and £750 per NVQ using conventional delivery methods. Signing up for e-MASTER©, excluding the training costs and tablet PC costs, each NVQ can be delivered for just £39.
  • Potential savings in other environments, such as health and safety assessments, can be enormous, not only in terms of man hours saved, but in terms of safety assurance for all concerned parties. For example, the rail industry provides a two-day refresher course for 10,000 employees. Using e-MASTER© this training can be compressed into just three hours, accruing savings of over £3m per year whilst releasing 15,000-man days.
  • Installation and implementation of e-MASTER© by Profile is a simple and speedy operation, which can be completed with full on-site training within ten working days.
Claire Moffatt demonstrating e-Master to a client

Claire Moffatt-Lonsdale demonstrating e-MASTER© to a client

e-Master in use
e-MASTER© in use
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